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Yannick Pereira-Reis

DevOps (docker swarm, haproxy, CI/CD, ELK, prometheus, grafana, ansible, automation, RabbitMQ, LVM, MySQL replication...) and fullstack web developer Symfony 2/3/4/5 + VueJs in Valence (France).

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Yannick Pereira-Reis - DevOps, Symfony and VueJs developer in Valence (remote)

  • France > Rhône-Alpes > Drôme > Valence
  • DevOps (Docker, swarm, cluster, elk, grafana, prometheus, ansible, haproxy, MySQL replication, LVM, backup)
  • Fullstack developer (Symfony 2/3/4/5, VueJS)
  • Engineer INSA Lyon

Who am I ?

DevOps and fullstack web developer passionate by my job. I love technical and non technical challenges. I like working with frameworks and libs such as Ansible, Grafana, docker, ELK, RabbitMQ, Symfony, VueJs,…

It’s important for me to work with professional, fun and nice people :)

Online profiles

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From April 2018 | DevOps and Fullstack developer | Valence

  • Design, creation and maintenance of several docker swarm clusters (but it could be k8s).
  • Operation of about 50 applications and other services on these clusters, requiring the construction of dozens of Docker images hosted on our own private registry (user management, roles and read/write rights on the images).
  • Management of a little more than 60 stacks docker, 110 services and more than 200 containers currently.

  • Implementation of IP failover and load balancing processes thanks to HaProxy.
  • Application monitoring with ELK and filebeat.
  • Infra and cluster monitoring with Grafana, Prometheus, node-exporter, cadvisor, alertmanager, snmp…
  • Maintenance, operation and backup of MySQL DB in master/master or simple master/slave replication.

  • Creation and operation of an event stream of our DBs thanks to Maxwell and RabbitMQ clusters.
  • Implementation of CI/CD processes from dev to prod with unit and functional tests (gitlab-ci, phpunit, cypress).
  • Server management and configuration of project deployments via Ansible with more than 100 roles.
  • Automation of the installation of development workstations under Debian (install, LVM partitioning,…).
  • Setting up REST APIs (and client libraries) on top of complex DBs via api-platform and Open API.
  • Design and implementation of microservices architectures with Symfony, VueJs, GraphQL, JWT, RabbitMQ, Docker.


May 2017 / April 2018 | Backend developer with Symfony and NodeJS/TypeScript | Paris (remote)

  • Backend development in Symfony and NodeJS (TypeScript).
  • Micro services architecture (auth service, user service, log service, micro frontend, api gateway).
  • Implementation of GraphQL with Symfony for both native mobile and web client applications.
  • Unit and functional tests (CI/CD, parallelization, Mock, SQLite, Jenkins).
  • Jenkins pipelines (from dev to prod).
  • Github
  • Use of an agile methodology such as Scrum.
  • 80% remote (from Lyon)


March 2015 / May 2017 | Lead developer Symfony / VueJs, Scrum Master | Lyon

  • Lead developer Symfony2, AngularJS, VueJs and ElasticSearch expert.
  • Internal conferences and talks.
  • Technical blog setup and content management with Jekyll.
  • CI/CD setup, pipelines configuration and TMA (docker, jenkins, gitlab).
  • Scrum Master.

Languages / Tools / Frameworks / Methods:

Kptive Studio

August 2014 / March 2015 | Symfony / AngularJS Lead developer | Lyon

  • Full custom and multi channel e-commerce application (Symfony, Akeneo, AngularJS, RabbitMQ, CouchDB, ELK)
  • Complex business rules (price by language, by channel, by color and by size, complex stock management,…)
  • Connector for a checkout application.
  • Big e-commerce platform (API, REST, OAUTH, micro services).
  • AngularJS back office to manage products attributes.

Languages / Tools / Frameworks / Methods:

  • Symfony2
  • Akeneo PIM
  • Sylius Bundles
  • AngularJS And ReactJS
  • SCRUM method
  • Git / Gitlab / Gitflow
  • CI Jenkins
  • Unit (atoum, jasmine) and functional (behat, protractor) tests
  • Vagrant / ansible
  • Docker
  • AWS

PMSIpilot / Groupe PSIH

June 2013 / August 2014 | Symfony / AngularJS web developer | Lyon

The company builds specific BI applications for medical centers and hospitals (like qlik).

  • Database reverse engineering (measures, dimensions)
  • Fullstack Symfony developer
  • Frontend AngularJS developer
  • Scrum Master (Stand up, planning poker,…)

Languages / Tools / Frameworks / Methods:

  • Symfony2
  • AngularJS / ReactJS / jQuery
  • npm / Bower / Gulp / Grunt
  • Docker
  • Vagrant
  • Jenkins
  • Satis / composer / satisfy
  • Unit (atoum, jasmine) and functional (behat, protractor) tests
  • Git / BitBucket / gitlab


January 2013 / June 2013 | C# ASP/MVC R&D engineer | Lyon (Limonest)

SAGE bought one of Brainsonic projects (software edition one) …and me because I was the lead developer

  • The environment of this very big company was not for me.
  • But for 6 month I had to train a lot of people (developers, business developers, accountants,…) and it was very interesting.
  • I had to go into many French cities to do so (Paris, Brest, Nantes).

Brainsonic / Tangane

December 2009 / December 2012 | Backend Symfony Engineer / C# developer | Lyon

Tangane became Brainsonic (Tangane bought by Brainsonic)

  • Frontend web developer with jQuery and fullJS custom framework .
  • Backend web developer with PHP Symfony, Magento, Wordpress and C# ASP MVC (SqlServer).
  • Student manager.
  • Scrum Master.

Languages / Tools / Frameworks / Methods:

  • Symfony2
  • Jenkins
  • Satis / composer / satisfy
  • Unit (atoum) and functional tests (behat)
  • Git / BitBucket / gitlab


INSA Lyon engineering school

2007 / 2010 | Engineering diploma IT/Computer Science

IUT 2 (Grenoble)

2005 / 2007 | DUT (technology degree) IT/Computer Science

Science Baccalaureate (GAP)

2005 | Distinction : with honours


  • IT
  • Mountain bike
  • Cooking